Cat Litter Box – Different Kinds

1q3.jpgAside from the term litter box, there are also other terms referring to it such as litter tray, sand box, sandbox, cat box, litter pan and the like. Whatever the term used, it still refers to a box-like container where the cat litters or poops. It usually has sand or saw dusts with deodorizing agent to get rid of the smell of the cat’s poop.
Cat litter boxes are important especially when you keep your cats indoor most of the time. This must be one of the first things that you get before you get your cat at home. Training them may take forever but there are sprays that you can use to attract your cat to use it. The earlier they are introduced to it, the better. It will save you a lot of time cleaning their mess and the greatest thing is that it will spare your furniture from getting pooped on.
There are different kinds of cat litter boxes that you can choose from.
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How to choose a cat litter box can be a challenge because so many different ones are available. Here are some tips that can help you choose the proper cat litter box for your cat.The first ones were made out of wood and is just basically a box-type container with saw dusts or sand in it. Though, this type can be very heavy and you have to let it dry out in the sand after cleaning the whole thing. But eventually, today, cat litter boxes are mostly made out of plastic which is easier to clean.
Not only are they made out of plastic but there are a lot of elaborate designs that were created. Some takes on a form of a pet carrying container some with doors. And the most complex is the automatic or self-cleaning cat litter boxes. As the term implies, you do not have to do any cleaning anymore. Some of it can already be connected to your house’s plumbing system so your cat’s waste will just be simply flushed out. Some self-cleaning boxes use infrared light to detect if the cat finished pooping so the cleaning can start.
So, now every cat owner can choose from the simple to complex designs of litter boxes.
So, if you are on a low budget then you can just go for the simple ones but if you do not want cleaning your cat’s poop then you know you have other choices.

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